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About the exhibition "Paintings, Pastels"

The most delicate of membranes, transparent in its satin finish, an epiderm that captures and absorbs the light like the surface of a cheek under a gentle light, much like a meditation, if I could only compose its face, its breath. The flesh of creation? We can visualize the epiderm at its beginning since the act of creating constantly renews the glitter of the world. To look at this series of paintings by Denise Lioté is first of all to see a series of skies visible from my lake in winter. A light that comes not only from above but also from below, from the ice and snow. Paintings stripped of all visible language, of brush strokes, of hatching, of dots, of lines, of representation. These creations, which are free of all intention, give off the same atmosphere, the same vibration; they differ from each other only through subtle variations like the moments of the day. Erasing is not however what they wish to achieve. On the contrary, when we approach, they speak the presence of painting, its companionship, its nerve ends, the slow evaporation of all thought as it yields, caring only for its passage.

Louise Warren
- Galerie Mireille Batut d'Haussy - Paris, June 2006

To Denise Lioté

The light disappears into the infinite
beyond all appearance
invading us
raising and absorbing
the luminous forces
a path ascending beyond all limits
where no time waits

Veils are borders beyond
the clarity of colours
enclosing all mystery
a journey projected and welcomed
heat and ice as one

Beyond the canvas
the upward move continues
unending in the unmoving
lightness vanishing into space

In the heart of the canvas
a luminous energy
distilled as into rapture
a meditative space to
set free our unconscious
we become part
of the immensity.

Tonia Cariffa
- Paris, 2002

Georges COPPEL
Jean-Marie DUNOYER
Gilles PLAZY
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