DENISE LIOTÉ (déc 2010)
edited by Galerie Gimpel & Müller


This book presents the last esthetic researches from 2003 to 2010 in Denise Lioté's pictural work .

Thanks to Georges Coppel and Michel Ellenberger for their words. Thanks to John Tyler Tuttle for translation.



Georges Coppel

« Elevation ? Depth ? Spaces ? Going from one word to the next, the universe of the painting remains unchanged as are the great laws of Nature before the changes in signs of representation. Just as the moving of objects are cancelled out facing those of the photon. That is what Denise Lioté thinks about when she depicts, visually, states of the immensity and the minuscule. » - p.64

« I have long observed Denise Lioté's work, and it continues to astonish me anew. Every finished painting seems to be an outcom. The conception of the next must not be a starting over. Some artists no longer work, waiting for a new form to impose itself on them. Denise Lioté is sometimes tempted to act that way but she knows that stopping can be irreparable. So she resigns herself to a slower action. She seeks, she attempts, she experiments until the next painting is both different from the previous one and in profound continuity of thought with it. » - p.67


Michel Ellenberger

« Denise Lioté hangs a veil of pigments of ethereal lightness and infinite subtlety over her canvases. The eye is captivated by the impalpable quality that inhabits these spaces, a sort of fleeting, elusive visual perfume in the atmosphere of the work. The coloured shades do not manifest themselves here through visible objects but through slight vibrations, similar to the immobile movement of fleecy clouds in an overcast sky. They might also evoke the barely-visible quivering that sometimes animates a calm sea when the surface is brushed by invisible currents or the undulations of underwater algae. Cloudy sky, dozing sea... metaphors have trouble expressing the inexpressible in Denise Lioté's painting. » - p.31


« We know that visible light is made up of vibrations of different frequencies, some of which come through the cloud layer that absorbs others. These luminous vibrations crossing the world, it is they that inhabits Denise Lioté's canvases. The artist invites us to marvel at the beauty of light. She reminds us that - we are only a bit of stored solar warmth, a memory of the sun, a bit of phosphorous that burns in the world's brains -, as Cézanne said.


(...) The world that she shows us is made up of neighbouring frequency waves delicately diverging and coming together. No fixedness, no opacity in this world. The fluidity of coloured waves that blend in a diaphanous iridescence.


« Everyone who immerses himself in the hidden, internal depths of his art, in search of invisible treasures, contibutes to raising this spiritual pyramid that will reach heaven. » This maxim by Kandinsky could have been written for Denise Lioté. Having arrived at the peak of her art, she goes straight to the essentials. She makes us discover with the freshness of her first gaze goes far beyond the visible. Not only light is vibration. On this side and beyond what is sensible to the human eye, flow the waves that compose all matter. What the artist gives us to see in her painting is a window on the substance of the world. » - p.37-38